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Ballpoint pen ,this is a writing tool that uses a dry ink and relies on the free turning of steel balls on the pen end to be transferred to paper. Ball-point pen has the advantages of simple structure, easy to carry, writing lubrication, and suitable for rewriting, so, from school students to office office staff and so on are happy to use.

The craft pen is on the basis of writing pen to add some decorative process design, to achieve the effect of craft decoration. The classical design of the craft pen, quality, trustworthy and collection, is also a gift of fine! The craft pen is the office, the student, the fashionable pen of the home, is also the gift good product, is the practical stationery, is also the lovely ornament.

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  • 勤奋让人创造财富,但懒惰却让人推进世界进程,为了偷懒人们真是什么都想的出来啊,这款文具的设计就是为了懒得削铅笔吧!
  • 随着节俭成为风潮、越来越多的文具相互结合,旧的文具形式组成新的文具形式,一些奇特有趣的东西就诞生啦!
  • 天朝能人笔记消失,歪果仁却想让笔记生长。于是就有了生长笔,告白的时候送它一幅画,免得当面尴尬,待第三天的时候画上就长出了你对她的爱意。


Our company is one of the production, development and sales of pen suppliers, relying on professional level innovative design, excellent product quality, trustworthy services, active communication with customers, won the support and praise of customers, the products are very popular at home and abroad.

Quality-We have established a scientifically sound quality management system.
Service-We keep pace with the times, constantly improve the comprehensive quality of employees, technological innovation, think what customers think, do.
Credibility-We develop with our clients on the principle of credibility and commitment.
We will fully cooperate with your pace, constantly surpass your own, believe in your achievements will be able to achieve our beautiful future!
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